Augmented Maps

Maps markers


Late 2017 the World Economic forum made public its transphromation maps. The maps are repositories of knowledge where one can visually see 126 key issues of our time, such as climate change, and how they are interconnected. There is a blog post up on the Agenda that exaplains transphormation maps in more details if you want to learn more.


This is the “augmented version” of the Transphormation Maps which will let you experience the Maps in 3D, using your smartphone, without the need for a VR headset. See the usage section to get started.


Follow the steps below to experience the Augmented Maps.

  1. Visit the Augmented Maps section with your mobile phone.
  2. Print out or put up on your laptop screen the marker
  3. Point an Augemented Map at the marker.

Send the list of markers to my laptop


Send the Augmented Maps to my mobile


Use the buttons to the right to either send this the markers to your computer/desktop computer or send the link to the maps to your smatphone. Note that printing out the markers gives much better results.